Pacific Crest Trail 2013

I first hiked the Pacific Crest Trail over the course of 1994 and 1996, then I hiked the whole thing in one go in 2013. During the latter hike I kept this website updated as I progressed up the trail. I still have about 45 hours of video to edit, but in the meantime there is a lot for you to look at here. Over the course of the 168 days I wrote 138,734 words and put 13,644 photos on this website.

April 17th, 2013 - 12:25pm
September 25th, 2013 - 5:05pm
July 13th, 2013
CaliforniaHat Creek Rim to Near Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery
42.21 km today
2271.15 km total
26.23 mi today
1411.23 mi total
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Tonight the stars are all out and the bugs are mostly gone . The only sounds I hear are the constant whirring of a nearby power turbine, some sort of critter making plans to beat me up tonight, and the sound of water leaking from an aqueduct pipe.

Was on the trail by around 7:00am after sleeping in a bit. Went about a half mile around a corner and then had really good cell service. I decided to stop and update the blog. This ended up taking about 90 minutes since I also had other Internet things to do, like order a backup hard drive to get shipped to Dunsmuir, pay bills, that sort of thing. Lately I have found that I have decent Internet on top of ridges, but it is non-existent in many of the towns near the trail...so I have to take it when I can get it.

Ran into Beorn while I was sitting on my stump working away. He told me that we lucked out with the weather and that today was supposed to be the coolest of the week.

At 10:00am I had 2.5 miles in, but didn't really care. The trail was mostly flat today.

Got to the water cache around 1:30pm. Beorn, Mario, Erin, and Lightning Rod were all there. I didn't need any water since I still had three liters, but the shade was very welcome. We talked for about an hour and then Mario/Erin left. The rest of us left around 5:00pm. It was just like Southern California again with a long rest during the hot part of the day.

The next water was about 14 miles away or so and we were all planning on camping next to it. I unplugged my phone from the solar charger, almost made it to 100%. Got to 97%, I don't think it has been fully charged since Truckee.

I walked by myself the rest of the day. I did stop at the 1400 mile mark and took a few photos. I almost forgot to keep an eye on the GPS for the point. The trail stuck to the rim and eventually dropped down.

I reached the water around 9:45pm. It looks like someone else is camped near here but I can't tell who. Another hiker just came by with a headlamp, I whistled to them but they didn't see/hear me.

Tomorrow is a whopping 12 mile push to Burney Falls State Park where I have a resupply box. Before that though I have something special to do, so you all are going to have to wait for that The next update might be in a few days when I get to Dunsmuir around Wednesday/Thursday of next week.

July 13th, 2013